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My Angel : Chapter 2

Title: My Angel 
Author: Kaori
Characters: Lily, Ken, Max, Anna, Ken, Sarah, Mr Kanzenai
Genre: Romance, Jealousy, Anger, Suspicious.
Summary: She thought he was the one for her but she was wrong. Someone else was waiting for her for a long long time.


She wore a beautiful white dress covered with blue sparkles especially embroidered with butterfly. With long silky hair, she looks like an angel. Before he knew, she was talking to Ann.

“Why did you left me alone at home?”

“I told you I was rushing didn’t I?”

“I knew you were rushing to see who but can’t you be patience for a little while? It took me ages to fix this hair and I hate the make up you applied to me.”

“Come on. Just don’t erase it Lily. You look lovely. I want this to be a perfect night for you as you said you never before tried being beautiful at least for once. That’s why I applied them for you.”

“I hate make up and you’re so evil. Anyway, better get packing when you get back.”

“Oh yeah. I’ve forgot. Thanks for allowing me to stay with you for a few weeks. Sorry if I was in trouble.

“Not at all. So Nick. What have you got for me?”

“Why Nick?”

“Well, he and I had a betting on will I talk with him or not.”


“You’ll never understand. I’ll tell you when we get home.”

“I’ll get you something when the time comes, Lily. Have you found your partner?” Nick interrupted

“Nope. You know I have no interest at all.”

“But still you need to.”

“I’ll try.” she smiled and turned to Ken but she turned away at his stunned face.

“Nick. You know her?”

“I do. I’ll tell you about it later.”

The dance started and everyone were dancing with their partners. She turned to Ken and started giving a sneering smile

“But he doesn’t.”

He seemed to understand it and to his luck, he got one. He started sneering back at her as he slowly danced the girl to the crowd. She stood there alone, drinking and wondering when it will be over for she’s not a party fan. She left the glass and went out to the garden nearby. She sat on a bench and looked at the sky wondering and praising the beauty of the nature. Not realising anything, she start to create poem.

With the quietness surrounding it,
Beautiful miracles happens without our knowledge,
When the brightness falls asleep,
Diamonds sing lullaby for everyone...

Before she could continue, another voice ended it...

For everyone to dream.
With dreams coming over and not a single will shed tears,
For it’s the time where everyone seek happiness with peaceful hope.

She turned to the voice. Surprised to see a masked man just beside her. He asked her if he could sit beside her while taking his mask away. She moved a little further and looked at him. Something in him is luring her to look at him even longer. He smiled at her. She realised that not only his face but his smile is so attractive that she could not take her eyes of him. He wondered what she was doing alone there and introduced him to her.

“I’m Max. Max Von Debut.”

“Debut? Isn’t that the name of a person who owes this college?”

“It certainly is ma’am. Why do you say so?”

“No. It’s just that I’m too surprised to see a high class person coming over to this celebration.”

“Why do you say so my lady? Can’t a noble man’s son have the rights to attend the ceremony?”

“It’s your father’s college. Of course you can. I have no rights to stop that, sire but isn’t this ceremony only for nursing students?”

“Well, precisely yes but for your information my dear the pharmacy students are all invited as well for nursing have a big amount of girls and not many guys. So that they could balance the amount  during the end of the yearly ceremony, they could choose the couples in pharmacy and nursing.”

“That is why there are so many people in there and crowded unusually.”

“Well, you can say yes to it. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go on.”

“Where’s your date? I didn’t see anyone accept for you. Is he inside?”

“I don’t have any date.”

“Are you serious?”

“Do I look as if I’m joking?”

He stood and kneeled before her.

“Can you be my date for this year, my lady?”

“What!” stood up

“Yes please. Can you please be my date?”

“But I.....”

“Please don’t hesitate to accept it. It’s my honour to ask such a lovely lady.” Stood up

“But I can’t”

“Why so my lady? You’re looks are so demure and you look splendid.”

“What do you mean by demure and splendid?”

“Well, you look sweet like an angel and you look perfect in my eyes.”

“But I can’t accept a noble’s proposal like this.”

“But why?”

“Because I as a middle class girl who don’t have anything with me except my soul and dignity.”

“My lady, it’s alright to be a middle class girl. I don’t bother that at all for your beauty has captured me for more than enough. My lady, not all nobleman are like what you think. I’m different from everyone.”

“Well, those words are said by everyone.”

“My lady, you can trust me and I’m not like others...”

“HEY! Why are we talking as if we’re in the Dutch era. Let’s talk normal can we.”

“We are aren’t we but Iprefer to call you my lady. It suites you a lot.”

“Fine. Suite your way. Anyway, I’ve forgot about it. You’re going to be just my date and not more than that.”

“Well, for a year to be said precisely.”

“A YEAR!!!”

“Yes. A year but don’t worry? All will be fine...”

“What about the project that will be occurred. We need to have partner from same course.”

“Actually that’s not the fact. The real thing is that they will choose a partner for you for the project. Sem 1 and 2 will be working together.”

“How do you know?”


“Oh yea. You had done this before. Of course you know.”

“So, will you be my date?”


“Don’t you worry for there’s no one I have selected yet.”

“But I don’t think that I’m suitable for you.”

“You are.”

He went closer to her and touched her face which made herself stiff.

“You are. To me you look better than any girls I meet...”

Before he could continue his words any longer, the guards of the college chased them back inside the hall. Both of them stood side by side and she was not able to move any way for it had been blocked by other students.

“I hope that everyone have their own partner. If not, they can’t sit for their exam. It is a must and you guys have to stay for a year together. All will be decided at the end of the the year. And now, I would like to ask the president’s son to give one or two speech plus he needs to bring his date of the year along with him.” all of a sudden a lecturer started to give speech.

Her heart beat fast hoping it won’t happen. But he turned to her showing his hand asking her. She looked at him and turns around wondering what people would say but they started to look around for the president’s son. She looked at his hands wondering what to do. If she didn’t accept it, she would be in trouble. She had no choice but to take his hand.

“Thank you, my lady.”

And they went to the stage arms in arm.

“Everyone, give an applause to Max. So you’re with your partner. Please give one or two words?”

Screams were heard.

“Sure. Welcome everyone to the ceremony. As we can see, not all of us are from nursing because some are from pharmacy. I bet almost every one of you meets each others already and some also had found partners for each of yourself. For those who haven’t found one, please do. Believe me, this will be fun.”

As Ken was laughing with Nick, his eye’s caught Lily on the stage. He was mesmerised with her and her looks. He kept on looking at her in a different look till a voice awoke him.

“So, let’s all of us have fun alright. Anyway, let me introduce my date to you. This is Lily Emanuel. She’s in first year of nursing and in semester one as well. Please give her a big applause.”

Applauses were given and some were screaming ‘whoa’ and ‘woo’. He said thank you and went down the stairs holding her hand. As Max was coming down the stairs, Ken was in a shock to see Max making her to be his date.

“Max, you need to dance with her.” The lecturer ordered

Students shouted in agreement and kept on chanting ‘Dance’.

He turned to her and kneeled down and asked “Will you dance with me?”

Anna on the other hand was so mumbling happily about how romantic he was. Lily looked at him in a shock and looked around. Some of her class mates were telling her to accept it but she can notice that some others were looking at her jealously. She looked at him worriedly but he gave her a convincing smile that she accepts it and they danced swiftly as if it’s their world. Later were joined in by lecturers and sooner by students.

“Why did you do like that?”

“Like what? Ouch!”

“Opps. Sorry, I’m not a good dancer.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind at all because I’m not good myself.”

“Erm, why did you introduce me?”

“Well, why can’t I? Are you embarrassed about it? Don’t be.”

“How did you know my name?”

“Well, I’ll tell you bout it later.”

“Ano…I noticed most of your ‘admirers’ are looking angry at me. I have a bad feelings about it.”

“Don’t worry; they’re just jealous of you. You’re safe and sound with me.”

She looked at him in surprise. The dance went on smoothly and many of them enjoyed the dance till no one wanted to stop. Lily kept on dancing with Max not till her eyes laid on the clock which was about to struck 10pm.



“I need to go back now. See you tomorrow then.”

“This early? Why so? The party’s till 12 and it’s not even 11 yet and you’re leaving? Don’t be Cinderella?”

“Well, I’m not going to lose my glass slippers or the carriage but I do have to go back. I’m not used to stay out this late. Thank you for the dance and thanks for accepting me as you’re date. I need to go now.” she slowly back off a little and started walking away but her wrist was held by Max.

“How are  you going back?”

“Taking a cab.”

“Let me send you back.”

“It’s ok, Max-sama. I don’t want to trouble you at all.”

“No no no. Not at all. It’s my pleasure to send you back and besides it’s dangerous for a lady like you to go back alone in the dark. Moreover, a girl like you going alone in the cab may cause you trouble or rather anything could happen to you”


“No buts’. I’m sending you back. Wait at the entrance alright.” and went to inform his friends.

She slowly went to look for Ann and found her still dancing with Nick.

“Sorry Nick. Just a few seconds only.” and pulled her to her side.

“What’s wrong Lily?”

“I’m going back now with Max...”

“With Max??? How lovely. OK. Tell me what happen later alright...Ow you’re so lucky you know that? Anyway, call me when you arrive. Be careful”

“Come on. I’m not going on a date with him or what. He’s just sending me back home. That’s all.”

“It’s fine. Anyway, message me if anything happens.”

“Alright. See you tomorrow.”

Nick looked at Anna waving at Lily as she slowly disappeared in the crowd.

“What happen?”

“It’s nothing. She said she’s going back home and Max is dropping her off.”


“Yes Nick. Are you alright?”

“Erm, yeah. Lets continue our dance.” Inside him he thought...

“I think there goes you’re competition Ken.”


She waited at the garden and enjoying the view. Slowly humming her favourite tune until not even noticing that Max was beside her already.

“Beautiful tune you’re humming there.”

She turned in shock and almost slipped and fell when luckily she was held neatly in his arm. Their eyes are locked on each other. No words come out accept for the fountain beside them. Suddenly the voices of some student’s voices made them came back to the world. She stood back and adjusted her dress.

“Thank you.”

“Anyway, let’s go.”


From far, someone was looking at them. He went inside in search for Anna.

“Anna, where’s your friend?”


“The girl which always walk behind you like a kitten.”

“Oh her...Why do you ask, Ken?”

“Nothing. Just wondering.”

“Let me tell him, Anna. She went away.” Nick barges in.





“For GOD sake can you tell me properly where she went and how?”

“OK OK. Chill. She went back home with Max. He himself wanted to send her back.”

“Ok. Fine then.”

“What’s wrong?”


“Are you alright?”


“Then why are you so tensed up?”

“Nick! Stop it! You’re making him even crazier.” warned Anna

“Sorry Ken. Anna, I was checking up on him. That’s all. Ken, you need to chill down.”


“Yea. Just cool down and enjoy the show. OK?”


But still, he couldn’t sit still for a moment.



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