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Title: The Touch
Author: Kaori
Pairings: YunJae, YooSu, Min, some SuJu
Genre: Drama, Romance
Disclaimer: All to them
Summary: JaeJoong is new in the school. Yunho is the gangster type boy who loves break the rules and ignore things. As Jaejoong slowly adapting to the situation in the class, Yunho’s heart felt different the more he tried to criticize Jaejoong. Will Jaejoong accept Yunho?


Students gathered around the basketball court looking at the fight which was occurring. No one dare to stop it nor barge into the situation. A student who couldn’t look at it when and told the teachers and everyone. Not soon later, three teacher came and stopped the fight. Later, both of them were sent to detention. As both of them sat together, none of them let out a single voice until the school counselor came in and cleared the dull situation.

“How are my boys today?” Kangin said with a wide smile on his face but still not a single word came out from those two. “So what did you two did today to be in a fight?”

“Don’t ask me but him! He started it!”

“Now now Kyuhyun. Please cool down your temper. We are here because both of you involved yourself in a fight. There’s no use to keep this up if you two keep on dealing like this. Now can someone tell me what happen over there that caused both of you to fight? Yunho, you tell me at least.”

The boy in front of him said nothing but shake his leg.


“Mr. Kangin. I have nothing to say. He made it happen so why do I get the blame for that?”


“You heard me. You started it so why do I need to be blamed for that?”


“Now shut UP both of you!” Kang-in said in his loud voice and made both of them to sit. “I don’t want any argument going on here anymore. Yunho, tell me what happen?”

“Kyuhyun was out there picking up on my friend. I can’t be sitting here and start saying that it was fine! He started it so I had to end it up.”

“Kyuhyun, what are you going to say bout this?”

“What else? You will trust him as always and let him go but never trust me.”

“So you want me to trust you eh. Alright then.” he took out his cell phone and talk to one of the lecturer and then turned to Kyuhyun.

“So, Kyuhyun. Let’s wait and see who to trust alright.”

Few minutes later, there as a knock and in came a boy with and injury at his cheek.

“You called me sir?”

“Ah, Yoochun. I have a question for you.” Kang-in looked at the boy and continued. “Did Kyuhyun picked on you?”

He looked at him and back to his friend. Yunho just node his head and look at the lecturer. “Yes sir.”

“Thank you. You can go now. Yunho, you can leave too. Our Kyuhyun and I have a talk to settle.” Not long later, both of them walked out of the class.

Fuck that Yunho!”

Outside the door

“Why didn’t you punch him straight away when he laid his hand on you?”

“You know I would have if I’m not new here but then I just joined in today so what did you expect me to do?”

“Well American boy. Have fun and don’t bother what’s going on. Guys over here especially Kyuhyun and his gang likes to pick up on newbie's so be careful.”

“YES BOSS!” both of them laugh and went to canteen to grab a bite.

Yunho is the son of the riches person in the country and he doesn’t care if he fell into trouble neither does his father. Being the only son in the family, Yunho is being looked after by his housemaids. His father ignores him and talks to him whenever they see each other but it rarely happens. Yunho grew to be a rough boy but then he always is close to his maid Mrs. Kang whom always looks after him as a mother. Yunho loves Mrs. Kang for her tenderness. Yoochun was his close friend whom he used to spend time a lot with when he was young but as time went on, he was brought to America to study.


“Dad, do I really have to enter that school?”

“Oh yes you do my man. Your brother is there studying already and now as you’re back from America, I’ve made a promise to your mom that you will enter that college.”


“Talk to your mom if you want anything.”


“Yes Joongie. You need to go. Your papa and I are going to Rome for some business and you need to look after your brothers.”

“But mom, what does that have to do with me going back to school?”

“Well, we brought you here in a sudden and you’ve stopped your class. You need to continue them. Besides, someone needs to look after your brothers and I can’t be leaving them to your noona. You know that she have no time. She have her kids to look after.”

“At least…”

“No more words young man! You’re going and that’s final! Don’t argue with your umma. We’ll be leaving in few minutes now.”

“Yes Joogie and heat up the food that I’ve cooked in the oven alright. Look after your brother and yourself. I’ll miss you.” She kissed him and both Mr. and Mrs. Kim left the Mansion.

“Now I’m left here alone to wait for both of my brothers. Aish! I’m hungry. I better go and check over the food.” he slowly walked to the oven and saw his mothers cooking. He knew that his umma always cooks in a rush and always tastes weird.

I knew it. It must be her favourite La Courte Martina. I better cook them before both of them start to sleep with hungry stomach.”

Jaejoong tied the apron to his slim waist and started his cooking. Kim Jaejoong was the second child to the Kim’s family and the eldest son of the three. He have a sister older than him five years but she was married at the young age. Whenever both his parents are not at home, he would look after both his brothers as his sister is busy with her studies. Junsu is his twin brother. Just the difference is Jaejoong born five minutes before Junsu so that made Jaejong older than Junsu. He went off shore to study for a few years and was forced by his father to come back again because both his parents had to go off shore to deal some business matter.

As Jaejoong was cooking noodles, he heard noise from the hallway. He took a peak and smiled to himself.

“What’s that smell? I sense tasty food on the line. How come my sixth sense says that there’s even jelly on the run? This is making my stomach to growl now.”

“Changmin! What are you talking about? You just had your two bowls of noodles after having a big gulp on my delicious cake!”

“Hyung, you know that my tummy never had enough of those sweet things and what bout home made food? It’s making the sound again.”

“Arrange the shoes now. NO more food for you. I want to check up what’s there.” and tip toed to the kitchen.

“Aish! Hyung always bully me.” and arranged the shoes.


Not waiting a single moment, Changmin dashed into the kitchen and look blur.

“Joongie! I MISS YOU!”

“Hyung, you better let go of him before you start chocking him to death.”

“Oh sorry. Joongie! When did you came back?”

“This afternoon. umma and appa had something to do so they went early. You guys know bout that right…”

“Hyung, your cooking is the best, you should start opening a restaurant.”

“Changmin! I haven’t even lay that pot on the table and you’ve started eating? Haven’t you eaten yet?”

“He did but then he’s still hungry.”

Jaejoong just laughed seeing his youngest brother having his food.

“How’s America?”

“It was fun and fine. People over there was cool.”

“Did you brought me any souvenirs?”

“I did. I bought you your favourite football that you asked me.”

“Wh… bout my..”

“Oh Minnie. How can I forget your candies. I even bought you your favourite sneakers for the practice too.”

“I’ll have the candies later. I want to try on the jelly later.”

“How did you know that I have jelly made?”

“Joogie, you know right. When it comes to food, Changmin can figure it out in any ways. HEY! Keep some for me. Don’t finish it up, you baboon!”

“I’m not that cruel not to leave some for you. I’m going on to my candies now.” and tip toed to the kitchen

“So you’re joining the class tomorrow?”

“It seems so. Umma told me to join in tomorrow.”

“Alright then. I’m going to sleep now. I’m too exhausted since the football practice just now.”

“Ok. I’m going to sleep too.”


Jaejoong woke up when the bell rang. As he opened his eyes, he was realize that he was in his room again.

I’m back home. Back to my home sweet home. How I missed this place. Anyway, I better get ready for school. Don’t want to be late for my first day of class.”

He took his towel and went to the washroom to clean himself. Few minutes later, he went to the kitchen and started cooking. Not soon later, the brothers started eating. As usual, the morning started with both Changmin and Junsu fighting for the toilet. Not long later, they got ready and went to school. When they arrive, both of them went to their own class while Jaejoong searched for the office. As he walk, he accidentally bumped into a guy and the papers in his had fell off.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

The boy just walked away not saying anything.

Not even a small sorry and just walked away. Gosh I’m Late!”

He quickly picked the papers and rushed to the office.


“Class, we have a new classmate who transfer from another school.”

Jaejoong looked at the floor and said nothing.

“Kim Jaejoong ah. Introduce yourself.”

“Hello everyone. My name is Kim Jaejoong and you can call me Jaejoong. Nice to meet you.”

“Alright. Now, where should I place you? Ah! beside Heechul then. It’s the back at the empty seat.”

Jaejoong slowly walked to his seat when his eyes locked the the person who was sitting at the back of him.

It’s HIM!”


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