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My Angel: Chapter 5

Title: My Angel 
Author: Kaori
Characters: Lily, Ken, Max, Anna, Ken, Sarah, Mr Kanzenai
Genre: Romance, Jealousy, Anger, Suspicious.
Summary: She thought he was the one for her but she was wrong. Someone else was waiting for her for a long long time.


“What do you want to explain to me?”

“Well, I’m really sorry Lily. I shouldn’t had asked you that question. I didn’t know that that question would hurt you that badly.”

She sat there quietly.

“Besides, I should had thought about it before asking you or not forcing you to answer them. It’s...”

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry, Max-sama. It’s my fault for being rude to you.”

“Why are you saying like that?”

“I shouldn’t have showed my anger towards you when I should show it to another person. I believe I hurt you badly and it’s all my fault.”

“It’s mine too. Because of me, you didn’t even concentrate properly in your studies. For almost a week you lost many subject and didn’t even study with all your heart.”

“I know but it wasn’t you who caused it. It’s my fault for not concentrating properly. I shouldn’t had been rude to you. And moreover, you’re a senior. I should had been more professional towards dealing with my feelings.”

“Come let me send you home. It’s going to be six already.”

In the car, they sat quietly not saying any words.

”So, did anything happen to you?”

“Not actually. Before that, I would like to thank you for saving me that day from those guys.”

“Which guys?”

“The guys who were there with me.”

“If with you, I don’t have to save you for they’re your friends.”

“But they aren’t at all.”

“If not also, I was just passing by and saw you alone. And besides, I said that I’ll send you home.”

“I should had listen to you but I don’t want to trouble you. Even now I feel that I’m troubling you.”

“No you’re not. I’m the one who wanted to send you back and not you the one who asked alright. I told you many times already that you’re not troubling me. So, keep that in mind.”

“Sorry Max-sama, I’m not used to like this.”

“Never mind. Get used to it. It may be useful next time.”

She looked at him wondering what he means. He just sat there driving with glasses on him. Driving smartly and as if nothing is in their way. Not soon later, they arrived. She looked at him and got down.


She turned.

“Do you mind telling me why you have noble people?”

“I will. I’ll tell you one day. And thank you for saving me.” and walked into the house.

He looked at her and smiled. He waited till she entered the house and drove off. In the house, someone was waiting for her.


Ken got worried. He didn’t see Lily after yesterday.

“What has happen to her? She’s not answering the call and not replying any messages. At least she should pick up the call. Doesn’t she know that we have a meeting? She was fine yesterday but what now?”

He went to his car and drove to her house. The gate was open. He felt weird and walked to the house. He rang the bell but there was no answer. He looked for her slippers.

“Her slipper is here. Even does her shoe. If she’s not answering the bell, what the heck she’s doing inside?”

He tried to ring the bell again but no answer. He shouted her name but still no answer. He knock the door but it gave him a shock. When he knocked, the door kind of opened a little. He slowly pushed the door and noticed the house was in a mess. Table was upside down, books and papers were scattered on the floor.

“What happened here? Where is she?”

He went to the kitchen but she wasn’t there. He ran to the first room but she wasn’t there either and even the second but when he entered the third room, he was in a shock.


He screamed so loud that he didn’t know what to do. She lay on the floor unconsciously. He ran to her shacking her. He checked for her pulse, she was alright but she wasn’t breathing at all. He carried her slowly and put her on the bed. As he was laying her on the bed he felt a bulge at the back of her head.

“That made her unconscious. Someone has hit her head with a hard object.”

He took a bowl of water. He wet his hand and sprinkled some to her face. Wiping her face with water and kept on calling her name. After a three minutes of tension, she slowly gave a small movement and slowly opened her eyes. She saw Ken sitting by her side calling her name. She tried to sit but she feels pain and tired. She looked around but no one were there except both of them. She looked at Ken wondering how he got here. Seeing the look at her face, he quickly replied her.

“I saw you laying on the ground unconsciously. That’s why I tried to wake you up for the pass 10 minutes.”


“What happen?”

“I don’t know. I walked into the house and saw some guys sitting. They were talking about something but I don’t remember. They tried to get closer but I avoided it. I ran to this room but before I could do anything, something hard hit me. My vision was getting blur but I saw them leaving the room without bringing anything.”

“Do you know who were they?”

“No I don’t. I haven’t seen them before.”

“Do you have any enemy?”

“Well, since small I don’t think I have.”

“I think we should call the police.”

“WAIT! No! Let it be.”

“What if they return back?”

“If they did, let’s do it that time but for now, don’t make a police report.”

“Are you afraid?”

“I’m being extra cautious.”


“How did you found me?”

“Well, you didn't come to class. Neither answer my call nor reply my message. I got so frustrated and worried why didn’t you answer it. When I came here, all were in a mess.”

“You were worried?”

“Yes I was. Come one, don’t you feel worried if one of your friends didn’t pick up the call if you ring them at least twenty times?”

“Twenty times!”

She ran to pick her phone and saw twenty miss calls from Ken, five from Anna, five messages from Ken and five from Max. Her eyes got bigger and bigger.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"My credit has finished and besides…I don't have much battery. That's why I wasn't able to hear the ring."

Her view started to get blur. She closed her eyes and opened again. She looked at the person in front of her as if she's looking at a new person.

"Is she really alright or worried?"

"I think you need to take your rest."


"Well, you need of course you silly! Do you know what happen at least?"

"Erm, I don't know."

"Oh gosh! You're hit from the head."

"Really? I didn't know."

"Where was I hit?"

"You must be kidding."

"Why should I be kidding? BY the way, who are you?"

She just looked at her phone and went around the house.

"What happen to her? Has she lost her memory or what? Just a moment ago she kind of remembered what happen and in a second she forgotten about it? And now she's asking who am I? Something is wrong here."


From the side of the window, a guy looked inside. The guy stood there look at Ken coming down the stairs looking at the girl while she walk around the house looking at things. His phone rang.

"Boss, she's kind a asking what happen and how did everything happen. Besides, she's asking who is the person in front of her."

"Great to hear that. That's a good news. No! a really good news. I've been waiting for that for a long time. You have done a good job."

"Thanks boss. Do I need to do anything anymore?"

"No. Not at all. Get your pay."

The person at the other end…

"Serve you right Lily for what you have done to me. Don't think you can easily escape from my view at all. Don't ever think so." and smiled to herself.




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