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My Angel : Prologue

Title: My Angel
Author: Kaori
Characters: Lily, Ken, Max, Anna, Nick, Courtney, Mr Kanzenai
Genre: Romance, Jealousy, Anger, Suspicious.
Summary: She thought he was the one for her but she was wrong. Someone else was waiting for her for a long long time.


When she woke up, she saw an image she kind a recognise calling her. The view was blur but she tried closing her eyes and open it again. Her reddish eyes opened widely when she saw the image that she missed a lot. Pearls start falling down when he suddenly gave her a comforting and warm hug. She tried to reciprocate it but she felt weak and the view was getting blur again. As she was closing her eyes, she heard him saying he would never leave her again. At that moment she slowly closed her eyes, the incident repeated by itself.

That moment the music ‘I knew I love You’ by Savage Garden surrounded the environment.


She looked at him in shock and hurt. Her eyes widen when she saw him kissing the girl whom she once felt it’s her best friend who will always be there for her and be by her side. She just stood there doing nothing but looking with pebbles dropping from her eyes. She then understood that she is as same as the wittered rose in her hand. She gripped it as hard as she could, bearing the pain in her heart. The pain in her hand was not as hurtful as it is in her heart. She dropped it when it the pain was unbearable and looked at her palm. It was covered in reddish liquid due to the thorns of the roses.

He opened his eyes slowly and kissed her forehead. He turned to his side to take the bouquet of roses he bought till an image stopped him and made him to look up. He saw her standing few distances away from them with a bud of rose in her hand and nothing else. His eyes got wider than usual.


He ran to her and held her hand. Calling her name and shacking her vigorously. He saw her hand covered with blood stains. He kept on calling her name while tying his handkerchief at her palm. She came to her conscious with the last touch of his hands. Her eyes sat upon his. As usual they were shining like the stars when he’s serious.

“WHY…WHY…WHY...? Why have you cheated me? They were right about it. They were right that you have a relationship with Courtney. Why didn’t I realise it when they spread the rumours. Why am I so stupid! How could you do this to me?”

“Lily, it just has to happen. It’s true that I didn't love you sincerely for my grudge isn’t over towards you and for your information, I’ll be marrying her in a month time.”

“Why didn't you tell me sooner? Why did you let me gain my trust toward you?”

“Because it is a part of my game.”

“What game?”

“To prank you so that you don’t love anyone. Besides, who will love you? Not a single person at all. I am the most idiotic guy to love a girl who’s so poor and out dated. You don’t have anything special with you. You’re not even a guy’s dream who love fashion girls. You’re so old and lame.”


“Not only that, you’re so cheap and a girl whose don’t have any initial. How so stupid of you to fall for me? I don’t know how did I fell for you. You thought the way I was towards you is love and when I proposed you for fun, you accept it without a thought. What and idiot you are and how did your mom can teach you these...”


She slapped him.


She took out her ring from her finger and threw at him.

“Here’s your ring. Anyway Mr Smarty Pants, do whatever your heart says about playing prank but don’t ever show it to me. It’s true that I’m stupid. Stupid enough to love you with all my heart. Stupid enough to not think thoroughly about it. Stupid enough to not trust the person who had been helping me for a very long time. Last but not least. Stupid enough to love a man who don’t know how to respect others.”

“You stop talking about me when you don’t know about me.”

“YOU! You don’t talk about me when you don’t even know the actual me. You just spring out those words just because you think I’m stupid, but you’re wrong! May be I have been your stupid game but you…You’re a heartless person who don’t even know how a true love is and never understand the true meaning of it. From now on, I don’t know you nor her!” pointing at Courtney. Feeling the anger in her, she turned and started to run.


But she didn't turn. She ran straight towards to the road not even looking right or left until...



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