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My Angel : Chapter 1

Title: My Angel 
Author: Kaori
Characters: Lily, Ken, Max, Anna, Nick, Courtney, Mr Kanzenai
Genre: Romance, Jealousy, Anger, Suspicious.
Summary: She thought he was the one for her but she was wrong. Someone else was waiting for her for a long long time.


A girl was walking to her class when she accidentally bumped into a guy. They looked at each other. She quickly said sorry and walked away after picking up her books. He glared at her before he walked away. She sat at her place and had her usual routine with her friends in the class. Chatting. The class start as usual until news gave a shock to all of them saying that they have to do project together with the seniors. Lily hated the Nursing seniors for all of them were jerks who liked to be bossy over their work or rather on what they are really good at. They sat in a group and waited for the seniors to appear. One by one came in. Some looked smart with their uniforms and some looked arrogant. She jolted in a sudden seeing a face that she kind a recognise.

“Oh No! It’s him. Is he in semester 2? Is he a nursing student as well?”

Is all she can say when a guy walked slowly inside, passing her with a serious hatred face towards her. She quickly turned back and closed her eyes saying ‘don’t look at him’ but the more she thought, the more she felt like looking at him. She slowly turned at him and saw fiery aura surrounding him. The only word that was in her mind is “Scary”. The professor explained what must be done and gave them the list of the groups where each and everyone will be working together. When the list arrived in front of her, she looked around for hers the seniors as well.


“Who’s that? It’s a cute name. Is he cute too?” She looked around when the name was announced.

“Yes?” and all she did was she sat numb.

“Why is he the one with that name? And most of all? WHY AM I IN HIS GROUP?”

All of them were told to sit in their groups and not to exchange or else they are in trouble. Lily went and sat in her group with worries but luckily her best mate, Anna was in same group as her. She just sat not looking at him and his friends. She got even more electrocuted when he is announced as the group leader. Her heart pumped as fast as a bullet train. She looked at him with a scared looking face. He looked at her and turned away. She sat there with mind all covered up in worries and most of all, scared. This is all because of his face looked furious. When the class ended, everyone packed their things and one by one left the place. Anna gripped her arm and shook her vigorously.

“Lily! Wake up!”

“Huh? What?” She looked around and saw both of them with two guys

“The class has ended. I’ll meet you at the basket ball court. OK? I have to meet someone.”

“Oh. Alright.”

While packing her stuff, she noticed a senior passing by. With the feelings of weird, she turned and looked who was left. Her heart stopped pumping for a few second when the unwanted face was just opposite her. They looked at each other for a few second and the furious look made her to look away and making her to be even clumsier. It’s only him and her now in the class. As she was about to pick up her bag, he slowly passed beside her.

“I’m sorry about the bumping Ken-sama.”

But he gave was only a look and walked away. She looked at him in sadness and walked back home.


The next day, as she entered the class room; he was just in front her and lucky she didn’t bump into him. She went and sat pretending nothing happen. She heard laughter’s surrounding her. Anna wasn’t there for her to ask what was going on as it’s her usual to come to class very late. When she looked in front at the board, weird pictures were there. Her aura of fury got heat up when she saw her name on the board beside the pictures. She looked around and saw the face she thought was angry but he gave her the sneering smile and showed her the marker in his hand. As if he was saying...

“Serve you right for bumping into me for no reason.”

She grip her hands in anger. Her worries flee away and only anger stayed. She took her bag and left the class . There Anna was at the entrance. She looked at the class wondering what made Lily to run away like that but when she turned to the board, she turned towards the junction where Lily was running.

“Lily! Wait up. Lily!” but it was too late for she has disappeared.

When Anna called, she was on her way to her usual comfy. She went to her usual place and sat. She looked at the environment as she sat in tears. She started humping her favourite tune and imagining beautiful scenery till she forgets her misery. With a glimpse, she saw birds flying towards her and dears and rabbits hopping. It was her imagination and in an instant she closed her eyes and fell asleep on the chair nearby...


She walked into the class with a small smile until it disappeared looking at the hatred face. She went and sat beside him for there’s no any other place. They turned away when they faced each other. She had no choice but to face the circle.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes Ann, don’t worry. I’m fine. Thank you.”

They discussed many ideas and problem that may occur during an accident. Lily and Ken. Both of them were not in same boat as their idea clashes each other. The only things that occur were arguments. It kept on continuing until the end of the day. They continued even after lunch which the group had only a few minutes of peaceful. They looked at the couple which were arguing about their ideas. All they know is that both of them are very-very childish. They looked gloomy and tired. Lucky it ended short while or else who knows what would have happen.

The ‘fight’ went on as usual and the ‘war’ went on continuously without anyone stopping them. For almost a month it went on and on and not a solution has been done to their project. Whenever they try to give one, no ending will be there. Just because of it, they group started discussing secretly and finished the work.

“If we wait for them till they finish their argument, no solution will be there.”

“You’re right. I’m already having headache and moreover, they are really so childish.”

They did make a copy for them. On the day of the hand in, both were so worried nothing has been done but luckily their team members told them or else they would be in trouble.

“Thanks Ann if not I would have to end in blank book.”

“Don’t thank me. We planned to do so because I know if you argue with someone, you won’t finish anything until it’s over.”

During break time, she went to the library to find a book she wanted. As she slowly took a book to look through it, a voice behind her back suddenly jolted her and made her to turn around with a spin that caused the papers in her hand to spread around the places at the shelf.

“Wow, amazing to see a bumping girl turning like that.”

“What do you want?” started picking the papers.

“Well, I would like to say thanks for bumping into me or else I would not know how to do it revenge back to you.”

“Go away!”


“I have work to do.” and pushing herself out but her hands were held by him.


She pulled her hand, punched and stepped on his feet before walking away. That shocking treatments made him jumping around the corner of the book shelf.

“She’s one hot-tempered girl but serve her right for teasing me by apologizing.” and he smiled.

After the break, the lecturer, Mr Nakamura said that they don’t have to do another project for it would be added into their finals. She stood and started dancing. A hit over her head made her sat.

“You guys have to work together with your partner till the end of this year as it’s still the month of February."

That news really did made her eyes to open widely.

“One more news, you guys will be introduced to the seniors from semester 2-5.It would be like a prom night as well but the true ball night will be in the end of the year.”


The girls started jumping in joy but as for her, she sighted.


That evening Ken dressed up in his perfect suite. As he entered the hall, screams were heard and girls came rushing to him. Hugging and kissing him. His friends especially his best pal Nick started laughing at him.

“Why are you laughing at me?”

“It’s usual isn’t it? Girls coming to you. Hugging and kissing but I don’t think you will be the only one.

There’s someone who’s going to be your competition.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh nothing. You’ll see. Anyway, which girl are you going to choose?”

“I don’t know. What do you think about that?” pointing at a girl passing by.

“Neh...She’s not perfect for anyone.”

“What about her?”

“Nandayo. Can’t you see that she’s pregnant? Do you want her husband to murder you?”

They started wondering to pick whom as their partner and discussed about that.

An unknown guy suddenly appeared at the entrance. Almost every ladies went up to him screaming “OH MAX!!! MAX!!! GIVE US AUTOGRAPH!!! MAXXXXXX” Both of them just laughed wondering who he is

“Is this the guy you said would have a competition with you?”

“May be...”

Before Nick could answer Ken’s question, he went and bowed to a lady. Showing her curtsy, and asking her to be his partner. She gladly accepted it. They chit chat and Nick all of a sudden asked about Lily.

“Why are you asking her about that monster?” Ken looked at him in anger.

“Because she’s my friend as well, that’s why. If you don’t like making friend with her, let me then.”


Before he could answer back, he saw an image walking pass the waiter.

“Who might that gorgeous be?” he wondered.

She wore a beautiful white dress covered with blue sparkles especially embroidered with butterfly. With long silky hair, she looks like an angel. Before he knew, she came walking towards Ann. With the name Lily, puffed all his weird imagination. Her smile was gone as she looked at him but she wished good evening and turned away. They drank and looked around. Students were dancing with joy in their face.

“They found their partners at last.” But when she turned to Ken, she started giving a sneering smile

“But he doesn’t.”

He seemed to understand it and to his luck, he got one. He started sneering back at her as he slowly danced the girl to the crowd. She stood there alone, drinking and wondering when it will be over for she’s not a party fan. She left the glass and went out to the garden nearby. She sat on a bench and looked at the sky wondering and praising the beauty of the nature. Not realising anything, she start to create poem.

With the quietness surrounding it,

Beautiful miracles happens without our knowledge,

When the brightness falls asleep,

Diamonds sing lullaby for everyone...

Before she could continue, another voice ended it...

For everyone to dream.

With dreams coming over and not a single will shed tears,

For it’s the time where everyone seek happiness with peaceful hope.

She turned to the voice. Surprised to see a masked man just beside her. He asked her if he could sit beside her while taking his mask away. She moved a little further and looked at him. Something in him is luring her to look at him even longer. He smiled at her. She realised that not only his face but his smile is so attractive that she could look at him even longer. He wondered what she was doing alone there and introduced him to her.

“I’m Max. Max Von Debut.”

“Debut? Isn’t that the name of a person who owes this college?”

“It certainly is ma’am. Why do u say so?”

“No. It’s just that I’m too surprised to see a high class person coming over to this celebration.”

“Why do you say so my lady? Can’t a noble man’s son have the rights to attend the ceremony?”

“It’s your father’s college. Of course you can. I have no rights to stop that, sire but isn’t this ceremony only for nursing students?”

“Well, precisely yes but for your information my dear the pharmacy students are all invited as well for nursing have a big amount of girls and not many guys. So that they could balance the amount so that during the end of the yearly ceremony, they could choose the couples in pharmacy and nursing.”

“That is why there are so many people in there and crowded unusually.”

“Well, you can say yes to it. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go on.”

“Where’s your date? I didn’t see anyone accept for you. Is he inside?”

“I don’t have any date.”

“Are you serious?”

"Do I look as if I'm joking?"

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